WordPress an actual CMS

The question is WordPress an actual CMS or just for blogs and small business well let’s start by trying to understand what is a CMS. CMS stands for content management system.

Content management system lets you manage how you create and modify digital content management systems typically support multiple users in a collaborative environment and allow users to perform document management functions with different styles of governance on workflows a CMS also supports the separation of content and presentation and usually the content used in a CMS is displayed as web content on a website which is also administered and managed by the CMS the web content used in a CMS may include text and embedded graphics photos video audio maps and program code and users can interact with the website. WordPress is an actual CMS not just a platform for blogging and for small business websites so to prove that WordPress is an actual CMS I turn to the ultimate source of factual truth other than Wikipedia fancy charts according to this fancy chart WordPress is the world’s leading platform of choice for websites using CMS technologies let me zoom in see it says right here that WordPress is the most popular technology in the CMS category and if we zoom over here you can see that they’re not kidding most websites using a CMS are powered by WordPress in fact this other site and fancy chart confirms this WordPress powers over a third of the web CMS websites and blogs this means that one out of every three websites in the world being powered by a content management system is using WordPress but we need proof that WordPress is a CMS that can handle big sites so let me show you some proof and educate you in the process thousands of websites for universities colleges schools and institutions for higher education and learning run on WordPress okay you say but is WordPress being used to power really large websites you bet it is take this site for example it lists millions of jobs salary information company reviews and interview questions from employees and job seekers that’s big right well guess what it’s powered by a WordPress CMS and there any sites bigger or more important than big business websites how about a government website guess what this site is powered by a WordPress CMS too in fact poor countries host their websites on WordPress and finally are there any sites bigger and more important than big business and government websites of course celebrity websites Fame is forever and would press powers the websites of many celebrities around the world in fact anybody everybody and even nobodies who want to be somebody are using WordPress to build a presence online WordPress even powers the websites of planetary and interplanetary leaders as you can see WordPress can be used to power any and every kind of website not just blogs and small business websites so next time my mom asks you if WordPress can handle everything a content management system is supposed to handle you can tell her WordPress sure can mom that’s because WordPress is an actual CMS.


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